May 16, 2017


In case you haven’t realized it guys, Bongbong Marcos continues to face serious danger in his electoral protest against Leni Robredo, Unless PHYSICAL GURANTEES ARE PRESENTED, the recount of the votes start and the preliminary conference on the protest is held, the risks of Bongbong being CHEATED can still come from at least FOUR DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS:

The UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATION by Smartmatic on the script of the transparency server. Keep in mind, guys, Bongbong’s approximately ONE MILLION vote lead against Leni VANISHED OVERNIGHT after the alteration. To date, the Comelec REFUSES to have the alteration examined by private sector experts. And NO PHYSICAL PROOF has been shown by anyone that the alteration HAS NOT BEEN TOUCHED.

Bongbong has already paid his P36-million down payment for his protest but neither the Comelec nor the Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), has scheduled or started the retrieval of the ballot boxes covered by his protest. And there has been no physical proof that so far there has been no BALLOT BOX –SWITCHING.

The dismantling/stripping of equipment used during the elections was startes, and insisted on, by the Comelec, before and despite the issuance of a a protection order by the PET. But to date, we the people are STILL IN THE DARK on the results of the dismantling.

There has been NO ACTION by the Comelec on the LOADED SD cards which had first been declared by the Comelec itself as UNUSED –NO EXTENSIVE PROBE REPORTED, NOT ONE PERSON QUESTIONED. We have NO PHYSICAL GUARANTEE, people, that the LOADED SD CARDS won’t suddenly vanish or their contents SUDDENLY DELETED any day now. Remember, buys, the contents of the loaded SD cards are KNOWN ONLY TO THE COMELEC.

Anybody correct me if I’m wrong with anything that I’ve written. If I’m not, WALANG KUKURAP, WALANG BIBITIW MGA KABABAYAN. 30